Scheduled searches

The Additional function ‘Scheduled Searches’ is used to search for a list of codes you want to purchase
(for example, the order of “purchase list” of the warehouse) with a single and automatic research.

The “Scheduled Searches” innovative features:

  • Real-time pricing and availability consideration

  • No maintenance required

  • Match algorithm to isolate products whose brands and identification numbers coincide.

Compared to the classic “Price and Availability” search, “Scheduled Searches” are a further automation and they can be launched at a predetermined time by the user, even when you are not physically in front of the Qricambi portal.

How do I launch a scheduled search?

It all starts with a list of codes you want to search for (in .csv or .xls format). You need to upload the list file into the ‘Scheduled Searches’ section of Qricambi.

After a series of steps where you declare the contents of the columns and select the suppliers where to search, you can decide when to start the search (on the time, or scheduled).

The search will last a few minutes (the more codes you search for, the more suppliers are interrogated, the longer you have to wait).



Results Analysis

Once the Scheduled research is complete, by clicking on the display results icon on the home, you can see how Qricambi has allocated the products among the selected suppliers (always according to the logic of greater cheapness)

In this page, there are several options to consider specific availability and minimum spending for each supplier.



In addition to the suppliers summary, you can also view the list of the searched products and analyze how they are assigned among the suppliers you are searching on.

By clicking on a specific code, you can see the prices that the supplier propose for them.

Of course, the function assigns products to suppliers with the lower costs, but you can also make changes and manually allocate them on one supplier rather than another.



Once the products allocation on suppliers has been decided, you can download a file with the summary of the products ready to be ordered for each specific supplier.

“Scheduled Searches” is an additional feature which is included in the “Ultimate” plan and can be purchased as an option in plans that include the “Prices and Availability” search. To try out this function, please contact us via mail, chat inside the portal or by phone.